The American Legion Post 51

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The American Legion
North Las Vegas
LCpl Budd M. Cote'

Post 51

(702) 546-6355
P.O. Box 335255
North Las Vegas, NV 89033-5255
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Service camaraderie, outlets for whatever you're passionate about, family serving together...the many benefits that is Post 51.

Post 51 is proud to be your local representative to the Nation's largest Veteran's organization.  While every single member makes up the strength of this organization, we know that it's the people within the local Post that makes all the difference on a personal level.

We invite you and your family to come see who we are and what we're all about.


Adjutant/Boys State:
Michael Connolly
(702) 480-1576
Mike Cameron
(702) 985-3891

Homeless Vets:
Ron Wurstner
(702) 283-5306

Legion Baseball:
Ken Knudson
(406) 788-9196

Yvette Weigold
(702) 576-6629

Need Help with Services?

LCpl Budd Cote'
Personal Bio


What you can do



Commander: Philip W. Le Grand
(702) 839-1511

Past Commander:  Dennis Dangler
(702) 283-0797
1st Vice-Commander:  Mike St. Clair
(316)  655-5446
2nd Vice-Commander: Mike Cameron
(702) 985-3891
Chaplain: Deacon Andre Richard
(702) 324-7160

Finance Officer: Susan Choquette
(702) 236-8323
Historian: Mike St. Clair
(316) 655-5446
Sgt-at-Arms: Ricky Boltz
(775) 934-7116 

Judge Advocate: Vacant


Las Vegas Veteran's Memorial




 Join the nations largest veteran's organization and make a difference today!

The American Legion Membership Application.pdf The American Legion Membership Application.pdf
Size : 243.856 Kb
Type : pdf

Moving to the Las Vegas area?  Don't miss out on state and local benefits.  Fill out, sign and
us this transfer form.

TAL Transfer Form.pdf TAL Transfer Form.pdf
Size : 42.981 Kb
Type : pdf

 National Headquarters sends out renewal notices, even to those who are paid current.  If "2016" is printed in red ink at the top of your membership card, then you can ignore the renewal notices.  If not, please click on the Renew Online button above to renew your membership.



Location & Meeting Information:

North Las Vegas Airport
Grand Canyon Conference Room & VGT Conference Room
2730 Airport Drive
 North Las Vegas, NV 89032

Meetings are held the 2nd Sunday of each month at 2:00 pm.  The North Las Vegas Airport is the new venue for our future meetings, beginning with February  10, 2019. The conference rooms are in the same building as the upstairs airport cafe.











































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