Post 51 Volunteer


 Can't or don't want to leave your home?  Like to stay active, get out and meet new people?  Regardless of your physical abilities, energy level or work schedule, this page makes it easy for anyone to get involved.


Collection Drive:  Our local schools hold annual collection drives to get children involved, and were proud to help.  Along with our schools, there are other great initiatives that we choose to support.  Can't make it to a meeting or event to drop the stuff off? No problem, just email or call one of us and we will come pick it up.

1)  Box Tops (found on hundreds of product packages) - Provides teaching supplies for our schools

2)  Can tabs (tab is a tab) - Students are asked to collect these to help medical patients

3)  Cellular Phones and Accessories - These are turned over to a company that provides free phone cards to our deployed troops

4)  Labels for Education (found on Campbell's soup labels) - Provides teaching supplies for our schools

5Pennies - Grade school students collect these to help medical patients

Post Committee and Officer Positions:

1)  Boy Scouts Coordinator

2)  Collection Drive Coordinator - Maintain what's been collected, find new ways to reach out for the items, communicate with the schools

3Discounts Manager - Make the most of our Discounts page on this website

4Grant Manager - Research available grants and apply for them

5)  Online Administrator - Takes care of and update the website and Facebook pages

6)  Parade Coordinator - Be the point of contact for the Post to participate in local parades

7)  Public Affairs - Provide information to local news, fellow veteran and pro-veteran organizations

8)  Recognition Chairman - Ensure we are effectively recognizing the efforts of those at Nellis Air Force Base, JROTC units, sponsored baseball teams, and local schools.


Web based:

1)  Do you get worked up when you listen to the news?  Whether it's a national or state issue; check out the Legislation page on this website to write your representatives.  You'll find legislation and initiatives concerning veterans and education that doesn't always make it on the news.

2)  Visiting the website often not only keeps you up to date but, search engines monitor the amount of traffic a website gets.  The more traffic we get to our site, the higher we are put on the list and the easier it is to find.  We were recently shown on the home page of the Navy Exchange website.


















































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