Military Veterans Memorial Benefits Process

It's hard enough to navigate the government, even harder yet when you've experienced a loss and are grieving.  We hope this helps make this trying time easier on you and the family.

Request Forms

DD214.pdf DD214.pdf
Size : 69.389 Kb
Type : pdf


Burial Allowances.pdf Burial Allowances.pdf
Size : 660.34 Kb
Type : pdf


Headstone or Marker.pdf Headstone or Marker.pdf
Size : 1969.938 Kb
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Presidential Memorial Certificate.pdf Presidential Memorial Certificate.pdf
Size : 714.918 Kb
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Burial at Sea.pdf Burial at Sea.pdf
Size : 28.563 Kb
Type : pdf

First, the things to know or have

1)  Find the Veteran's DD-214 (Discharge Papers).  It looks official, in all blank ink and shows DD-214 at the bottom of the page(s).  If you can't find it you will have to request one by using the form on the left or by going here  You won't receive it for a few weeks but don't worry, your Funeral Home Director might be able to help you.

2)  Speak to your Funeral Home Director and have the DD-214 in hand.  He/She may have all the request forms you need and be able to answer all of your questions.  Just in case the funeral home you choose doesn't have one or all of the forms, they're all located on the left of this page to download and/or print.

3)  The VA does not pay for everything, like cremation.  The VA will provide a headstone or marker, Honor Guard, flag, and Presidential certificate.  A plot will be provided if laid to rest at a Veteran's Cemetery, and if laid to rest at a private cemetery they will reimburse up to $600.

4)  If you don't have anyone to help you, or your Funeral Home Director isn't as knowledgeable as he/she could be, call your local American Legion or other Veteran Service Organization.


Nevada Veteran Memorial Cemeteries

Northern Nevada (Fernley)

Southern Nevada (Boulder City)


Burial Allowances

If you have chosen to lay the Veteran to rest at a private cemetery you can apply for two allowances that may help with the cost.  One is for burial and funeral expense, and the other is for plot or internment.  More information can be found at

Funeral Honors - Honor Guard

Speak with the Funeral Home Director about your wishes, as they are responsible for requesting and scheduling this.

Headstone or Marker

A free headstone or marker is provided whether the Veteran will be buried or interred at a Veteran's Cemetery or not.  More information can be found at

Burial Flag

This is the flag that drapes over the casket or accompanies the urn, and presented to the family.  More information can be found at

Presidential Memorial Certificate

This is provided free to the family.  More information can be found at  If you requested the certificate more than 16 weeks ago and haven't received it, you can call (202) 565-4964 to check on its status.

Burial at Sea

Burial at sea is not the most common way in todays society so, most Funeral Home Directors will not have the form.  Complete the form and bring it with you when you meet with the Funeral Home Director and they will take care of the rest.  More information can be found at

Dependent or Survivor Benefits

There are too many qualifiers and benefits to list here without making it confusing.  If you are a spouse or dependent a military member or veteran who has passed on, please check out this website to see if you qualify, and contact your local Veteran's Affairs office


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